Jul 102012
Protest tegen lesbisch wandelpad

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The VVD in Groningen sees nothing in a special Damespad where lesbian women can meet each other. The group in the provincial States finds that no distinction may be made in users of the footpath.

The VVD does not want the province of Groningen subsidizes the path. "Foot paths, like bicycle paths, waterways, Airways, ordinary roads: they are by and for everyone, also for lesbians," says VVD fraction Member States Mirjam Wulfse Monday evening.

"The VVD believes and favors not when talking about origin, descent, religion, orientation or appearance, even if it goes to footpaths. With ladies footpaths to reach exactly the opposite of what is intended. For the VVD is everyone 100% equivalent, "Wulfse further.

On the walking trail lesbian women can meet each other. The path, designed by and for lesbians, is 17 km long and leads along the villages 't Zandt, Zeerijp, Eenum and leather man. Also heterosexuals and men may simply use the path, but women who want to meet another woman during the walk, bear during the walk on the Damespad a special PIN.

It is not the first Damespad in Netherlands. In the provinces of North Holland, Drenthe, Zeeland, Brabant and Limburg are all Ladies paths.