May 092013

The Unit falls, including Rotterdam, Spijkenisse has since Monday a hotline Pink in blue. People who discriminated against, threatened or assaulted because of their sexual orientation can at this point of the police. Also people who have a certain diffidence or fear to a notification or reporting to do because of their sexual orientation, can knock at the hotline. For example, just like people who suspect their neighbor or neighbor are threatened because they are gay or lesbian.

The network Pink in blue consists of a group of police who represents the interests of people who are discriminated against, threatened or assaulted because of their sexual orientation. They do this for example by scheduling the Declaration, the guidance of the investigation file and sharing of knowledge in the organization. The hotline is available 24 hours a day via 0800-7444477 or by e-mail:

Reason for the hotline Pink in blue is "that it is still not obvious that citizens who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender are threats or assaults because of their homosexuality to the police reporting ', reads the statement. The past few years there have been several incidents of bullying in the living environment, but also abuse and endangerment of people because of their sexual orientation. Police suspect, however, that many incidents are not reported.

Police opens ' pink ' hotline | The Botlek 1 | the weekday newspapers

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