May 102013
Mr Leather

After eight years of a Mr. Leather pageant held in Netherlands. Mr. Leather Europe 2009 Pieter Claeys (31) blew, along with two friends, the election again.

You are Mr. Leather Europe 2009, how's that gone?

I like leather, I find it exciting. But in 2009 there was no Mr. Leather Holland more, so I created a motorcycle club asked to sponsor me. So I could be Mr. Leather Europe. By that title, I am now a known figure for homosexuals and in the leather scene, and I want to use that spot to make more people acquainted with this world. That is why I am with Mr. Leather Amsterdam started.

Why is Mr. Leather Holland ever disappeared?

In 2005, the last Dutch Mr. Leather elected. The Organization could find no suitable candidates and the election then bled to death. That while the whole fetish-scene in Amsterdam is one of the oldest in the world and therefore has a fixed value for Amsterdam gays. Research shows that between 6 and 10 percent of the Dutch homosexual young people under 30 years comes into contact with a fetish like leather or rubber. I think that that percentage higher. The young people who are curious, which their borders still exploring, you better give them good information and help if they take the first steps in this world. That is why it is important that there is a public figure, as Mr. Leather.

Along with Mr. Rubber Netherlands 2012 Tony Varlack and Alireza Bahrami I the first Mr. Leather election Amsterdam. The election gives namely openness and visibility to the leather scene. Last year in december announced the The Eagle Bar that they organize this year the Amsterdam Fetish Pride. That was a good opportunity for us to hook. Although we hear, is officially not our Pride at the Fetish election on the same location.

What kind of person is Mr. Leather?

Mr. Leather is the business card of the leather scene. That is why we as an organization the privilege for the title to take off as the winner to very misbehaving. It is not intended that Mr. Leather every night tight State of the GHB, or the title used for commercial purposes. Mr. Leather may seek or receive any money if he does show up at an event.

For the election we have a job done on gay and bisexual men. We are looking for someone who is not camera shy and that the entire world around fetishes opener can make. Of course, we can not force the winner such a public position. If someone just wants events after getting this title, is that of course to him. But we hope that Mr. Leather wants to use his fame the world learn what more open up. He should be a point of contact for newbies who are actually not yet dare to take the step.


"Mr. Leather ensures openness about the fetish scene" – Metro

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