May 082013

Teachers may soon no longer be fired or denied because they are homosexual. The parties D66, VVD, PvdA, SP and Groenlinks, a majority in the lower House, have introduced a Bill. The measure was earlier announced in the coalition agreement.
According to the current law may not be all teachers fired the mere fact that they are homosexual. But if there is an ' additional circumstance ' then that can be ground for dismissal. To delete from the law by these enkelefeitconstructie can no longer be discriminated against homosexual teachers.

The emergence of the initiatiefwet is the result of the Pink ballot box agreement that the five parties in september. Laid down In this agreement was that within a year five controversial gay rights issues had to be settled. Below that fell under the enkelefeitconstructie more.

Gay organizations COC Netherlands and Expreszo react tonight in a response enthusiastic. According to COC-President Tanja Ineke is the "crucial" that put an end to this situation. President Mark Raagas of Expreszo speaks of "a great moment".

The COC is calling for abolition of the enkelefeitconstructie already. In 2009 started the Organization a national internet petition which was signed by more than thirty thousand people. Young people of COC and Expreszo boarded that year during the Amsterdam Gay Pride the Government boat for attention to the issue.

Anouk van Kampen

Majority for ban on discriminating against gay teacher::

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