Apr 112013
Nederland - Idea for symbolic 'gay zebras in Zutphen

A pedestrian crossing in Rainbow colors. From red to violet. Possible soon in Zutphen.

The proposal for this particular crossover comes from mountain City Councillor Babs importance.

She requested the college this week to adopt an active attitude towards gay acceptance. In doing so, she thinks to a colored zebra crossing.

"The aim is to showcase as a municipality does not tolerate discrimination for their sexual orientation. Zutphen is a fair progressive municipality, but it is also important that you do something. That you contribute to raise awareness, "said Berg, whose story was received with applause in the Council. "A pedestrian crossing in Rainbow colors, as for example in Tel Aviv or San Fransisco, is there a means for. But you would possibly also can think of the famous Rainbow flag. "

The municipality does not respond, leave a proposal a better funiture arrangement spokeswoman know when prompted. "We are going to study the feasibility." She points out that such a zebra crossing may be only symbolic. "The legislation provides that zebra crossings should be white."

In Utrecht is also a rainbow zebra crossing this year.

Read more on this topic in the Stentor Edition Zutphen, from Thursday 11 april

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Idea for zebra ' symbolic ' gay in Zutphen