Apr 082013
Duizenden betogen tegen antihomowet

The visit of Russian president Vladimir Putin to Amsterdam has mobilised thousands of protesters Monday. They got together at the maritime museum, where Putin consultation had with Prime Minister Rutte, and protested against the Russian anti-homosexual.

The protesters danced to loud dance music and had rainbow flags. Also they carried signs with slogans like "Putin go gay text ' and ' going out '. The inscription on a large banner "Stop the anti-homosexual ' in the Dutch and Russian. According to COC, which organized the protest, gay belangenorganisatie makes the anti-homosexual homosexual residents of Russia.

Putin denied Monday that Russia discriminates against homosexuals. "In Russia is no prosecution or restriction of the rights of minorities. They have full rights as others, "he said Monday after talking to Rutte. The topic has been extensively discussed in the interview, he also said.


Misunderstanding waiter Netherlands

Putin took the opportunity to express his lack of understanding about developments in Netherlands. So he can get to it that a Netherlands legal pedophiles Association knows and he has also no understanding for a party that forbids women in own circle to offer to serve as a politician, a reference to the SGP.

Putin predicted that in a number of Russian regions people "to the rifle would grab and would come in rebellion", if there would be a pedophiles Association. Some things simply cannot be allowed because they are different, "to massacres". "That's the society we live in," said Putin.



Putin referred also to the demographic developments in his country. The population is off for years because there are relatively few babies are born. Such a demographic crisis can be taken care of by immigrants, but at the same time Putin would want the peoples in Russia for more offspring. People of the same sex cannot have children, he noted.

Rainbow Flag

On many public buildings in the capital had flown Monday, regenbloogvlag. The COC and Amnesty International protested afternoon at the Hermitage, where Putin together with the Queen visited the exhibition on Peter the great. There were also Foreign Minister Frans TIMMERMANS and, on behalf of the city of Amsterdam, Deputy Mayor Carolien Gehrels.

Netherlands-Russia Putin's visit ushered in the year 2013. With that both countries want to Russian initiative for over 400 years of their band strengthen and deepen.

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