May 022012
El grupo de manifestantes dicen que harán un llamado para que la comunidad Gay no vote por el priista

Around 15 members of groups collective hometown Tapatio, University network of Sexual diversity and colleague, marched at midday outside of Casa Jalisco.

This time, the protest was not against the State President, Emilio González Márquez. It was a claim for the candidate of the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to the governorship of Jalisco, Jorge Aristóteles Díaz Sandoval, who will not allow that you govern them and said "here you won't get", referring to the Governor's House.

Young people came walking down avenida Manuel Acuña towards House Jalisco, with a multicolored flag, cardboards with legends and a poster of Aristotle.

There they began their demonstration, in response to statements by Sandoval Diaz, who spoke out against marriage between persons of the same sex, in a meeting with young people from the TEC de Monterrey.

"It encourages to continue attacks and discrimination who suffer every day the community of Rainbow; his statements only shows your complete ignorance and lack of commitment parra with sexual diversity,"said José Eduardo Rodríguez Pérez, of the University network of the Sexual diversity.

He said that the call will also be all persons with different sexual preferences, so that they do not vote for the PRI.

"Mr Aristotle, although it promises a change, intends to govern in the same way as did national action;" of the 'Asquith', raids against the gay bars and constitutional disputes that sought to halt the obligation of States to recognize what has been achieved in the Federal District".

Youth group installed cardboards, Sandoval Diaz cartel and two packs of color balls, of which said they expect that the next Governor "has balls" to defend minorities.

After the demonstration, a member of the Group Tapatías Gardenias, Giovanni Manuel, railed against the small group of demonstrators, and said that "10 people are not the Guadalajara gay community".

"We are with Aristotle, that is why we are here;" Aristotle had word, has been with sexual diversity since it was a member, became mayor and is now a candidate for Governor.

In addition to representing his group, he also went by the National Confederation of popular organizations Sexual diversity of the PRI.