Jan 172013

Alejandro Monraz, said that in Mexico we are entering a new era in politics and gave as an example, to reach a coalition with the PRD there are themes such as weddings among couples gay, who are not a necessity and therefore do not touch.

Alejandro Monraz Sustaita, an active member of the PAN, said that in Mexico we entered a new era in politics, where the parties alone or the merely electoral alliances must be back to give passage to coalitions of Government considered the real causes citizens.

Interviewed at the end of his book exhibition Alejandro Monraz experiences of a Tijuana, before members of the group now explained that a party no longer on its single and letterhead alliances are not you clear to citizens or benefits.

He set an example, in the current negotiations to reach an Alliance or coalition with the PRD are topics such as abortion or the marriage between couples gaythat are not a necessity and so they do not touch, but you have to be tolerant.

Alejandro Monraz said convinced the PRD represents a second political force and recalled that in 1988 left that originated this party won Baja California with Cuauhtemoc Cardenas.

It was considered that the alternation in Baja California is due to that the Governments have not been able to interpret wedges them citizens and the best example is Tijuana, where spent bread to the PRI and the Pan and back to the PRI. "Is not returned to the PAN or the PRI but the cause citizen, therefore proposals must gain importance and not rhetoric, as they are still heard, there are those that make them aside".

On the problems of the city and how to address them, Monraz Sustaita said that the radical Governments of left or right must be tolerant, and recalled that during his tenure in the stage manager in the administration of Carlos Montejo, made extreme operating against the informal commerce in the center of the city, i.e. the bludgeon was used much.

"The decentralising not is you can fight by force but yes you can regulate and place order", he said.

On issues such as the regulation of the decentralising, transport, markets on wheels, you need a partner that can be left.

The exdiputado federal abounded in the reading of the reasons citizens in Tijuana is public transport, that you want to resolve to bringing foreign companies, "when carriers have departed it is for years here. We say that it is the world most expensive public transport but forget that transportation is subsidized in large cities and here paid it citizens; also how to put a truck late model on the route to the Ojo de Agua if the Government does not guarantee safety; any businessman would not enter him".

"So the problem is Government and carriers where unfortunately broken dishes that pays is Tijuana, modernization is therefore necessary and urgent but you must pull the same local carriers", concluded.

Source: The Sol de Tijuana.