Jan 122012

Best thing about this place is the cashier", says Fernando, referring to the Madam of a rather Herculean obesity that type in the cash register with hairstyle that much volume, reminiscent of the early covers of the acetates of the B-52's. Cobra drinks and, by their pronounced make-up, the watchful eye which would not escape a single counterfeit and, above all, by their stunning breasts that seems to pop anytime Leopard blouse, could deduce that she is the Manager of the local, if not to the owner. Outside of that, the place is so badly equalized as monotonous, and gays and lesbians only seem to focus on crowding and pretend to dance amid the stifling and nothing more. So the Le Cirque Nuit Bar, on the streets of Antwerp, a Saturday night.

Antwerp is a discreet Street just two blocks from Genoa and the Church of our Lady of the sacred heart, where the interviews and sessions are conducted to "cure" homosexuality. In recent years it has become the most relieved passage of LGBTTI community of the city of Mexico, by the number of clubs and shops aimed at the gay community that you have clumps one after another, once the Lipstick and the Rainbowland boutique opened its doors. Part of the charm of this illuminated space is that gays, lesbians, transvestites, can wander seized hand and kissing in the mouth over populated sidewalks and pavement invaded uncensored.

Fernando and I were going to 42nd Street Café, but on the porch there was no space for one buckle more, so we chose to put us a seal on the wrists in a local side, Le Cirque Nuit, no less full. Most of the people there and those who are enfiestan in Antwerp a weekend do not exceed 25 years, a generation of young people who were already born with new concepts with respect to tolerance and repression, unlike in some years ago. For them the freedom is served, so that now, at least in this cirque, which breathes are a desperate eagerness to be homosexual or lesbian, without worrying too much about the details. The club tries to emulate a French circus decor, but obviously the improvised paint on the walls, the poor distribution of the speakers, the mixes that only seem to raise the volume to the pitch and the low. It is as if it had come to a simplistic conclusion: gays just want to have fun, take, half dancing and kissing, so you raise a badly decorated room, selling alcohol and let result. Very important: do not forget Christina Aguilera songs.

There is the myth that gay men have good taste for danceable music. In Antwerp of the Zona Rosa, this myth is destroyed club after club.

In the Lollipop, just as we pay 25 cover weights, begins the same song from the Eyrie that recently ended at Le Cirque. The club consists of two levels and a karaoke downstairs that has the name of Burdelito. Here the dj puts the same pop hits dance and prefabricated, though music comes out less dirty speakers. It is impossible to dance to the rhythm of "Toxic" by Britney Spears, that now sounds; seems that fun is that men apretujen the buttocks to make them purple, cast glances to strangers more galanes, tell secrets to the ear and saying, in women, things like "buy me a michelada, stupid" or "but you come back from the bathroom, slug", although in the case of men, one bearded padlock, the other with new wave style mustache.

The street is equal of dazed than bars. Antwerp has emerged as one of the more tolerant of the Zona Rosa, because men can kiss each other and say "slug" without fear of public scorn. But it is also a street where the 'tolerance' seems a dictatorship of Rainbow against anything that is not strictly a window.

We ended the night in the male's, which is across the corner where the Papi's, is just to say that we did a night tour, although here the pop is in Spanish. While the lists of the dance United States gay they are flushed with the mix made by Rich Morel "Spring Blossoms", Betty completo black, here sound late hits by Shakira, Thalia, Fey and that noventero point, apparently, the Zona Rosa gay scene is reluctant to leave. Spent what a vodka, we give a few kisses and decided that it is time to leave, to lock ourselves to listen to good music and what that can unleash.

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