Mar 212013
Pot makes you gay

It is unusual, but real: a group of Mexican scientists came out to say that marijuana generates trends of homosexual behaviour.

The Coordinator of the medical clinic of the Universidad Popular Autónoma of the State of Puebla, in Mexico, Narciso López, said that several documents q show that cannabis use lowers testosterone and this leads to an awakening of homosexuality.

For Lopez, q in recent years has increased the use of marijuana among young people ranging from 18 to 35 years. Among the factors driving young people to consume marijuana according to him are: low prices, loneliness, low self-esteem, little family cohesion and family or sentimental, failures that also lead to the home in addiction.

Effects caused by marijuana use, the specialist stressed creating retention problems of cognitive processes, severe behavior and changes in the fundamental devices of the body as the heart; pulmonary system; and the endocrine system. He also said that there are scientific articles demonstrating that young people who have had a high consumption of marijuana tend to have homosexual activities. So far, more scientific foundations which support this statement are not known.

Unusual study says that marijuana "causes homosexuality" - Infonews | One world, many voices