Jun 152012
Felipe Calderón

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The Global Fund to fight AIDS demanded Felipe Calderón, as Chairman of the G20 leaders, including the issue of HIV in the agenda of the Summit due to the budget cuts made by international bodies to combat the spread of the pandemic threatens several programs, which will raise the number of infections and will make infected people become resistant to antiretroviral drugs.

Jorge Saavedra, former director of the Global Fund Board, explained that humanity does not serve this evil is exposed to that of "new to trip the viral load, and that people who previously could not transmit the virus by having an undetectable viral load could return it to transmit. Above all, to rescue these people, again will require much more expensive drugs".

It was also considered a contradiction that the Senate of the Republic approved Mexico contributes $ 14 billion to the International Monetary Fund and refuses to financially help the fight against HIV.

"It is a pity that Latin America and the Caribbean are the only regions in the world which are not contributing money to the Global Fund, even the poorest countries of Africa and Asia give contributions to respond to the global threat.

"The contribution is zero pesos in Mexico and their campaigns depend on resources given by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and malaria."

In addition, revealed that Felipe Calderón 500 sent letters about the importance of maintaining control over the pandemic and to grant 1.3% of the budget which give 11 countries (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, from Turkey, Australia, Saudi Arabia and South Korea) to the IMF to meet together one billion dollars.

Saavedra, who is currently Ambassador for International Affairs of AHF, clarified that the problem is serious, since from 2001 to 2011, the budget allocated to 11 countries for the background of the fight against AIDS went from 18 thousand 640 million dollars to 507 million.

He explained that the purpose of the Global Fund to fight AIDS is to go to Los Cabos, Baja California, to ask the leaders to rescue this international system of financing that saves life of those infected and that otherwise, there may be a reinsurgencia of infection. "In the world there are 34 million people living with HIV/AIDS and about 7 million have access to treatment, most awarded with international support. The restrict resources encourages abandonment and interruptions in treatment and development of resistance to antiretroviral drugs.

In the case of Mexico, it would mean little more than 74 million dollars.

In Los Cabos, said, request hearings and ask the members of the G20 Rescue Fund because the war against AIDS is not over, you can extend with new strains and lead to massive deaths worldwide.


World Statistics

► The combined GDP of G20 is three times greater than the economy of Japan, seven to eight times larger than that of France and England, respectively.

► 34 million infected with HIV worldwide are added each year another two million, according to the World Health Organization.