Apr 232013
Airaly Fuentes Martínez y Molly Ann Sturdeavant se presentaron con sus documentos ante el Registro Civil

The refusal Airaly Fuentes Martínez and Molly Ann Sturdeavant obtained on the part of the judge of the 04 Oficialia of the Civil Registry, since the first time they went to join legally as couple, i.e. marriage, new account today were present in the company of a lawyer, gave his documentation, as well as requirements and requested in writing your marriage duly documented and supported through 680 article of the current Civil Code in the State Quintana Roo.

These two women, Mexican and foreign, in an interview with this media stated that any refusal on the part of the registry "in the first instance we will bring this request to the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), discrimination and, possibly to take the case to the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation", said Airaly Fuentes Martínez.

In accordance with what happened yesterday, two women, the Coahuila Airaly Fuentes Martínez and the American Molly Ann Sturdeavant, came for the second time in the 04 Oficialia of the Civil registry offices, place where after taking delivery of the documents apparently there is a refusal by officials of the institution, under the argument that does not have legal documents to carry out a marriage between same-sex couples.

The truth of this situation is that females mentioned for the second time arrived yesterday before the representatives of the Oficialia 04, to seek converts to marry, and they say as well as the love that we have, also seeking sit one history more in favour of the rights of the gay lesbian community, that search equate civil rights.

"We want to add to Tulum in the campaign of marriage for all, so that this target we have chosen to get married, and if they refuse us request then we will present an appeal to justice", said Airaly Fuentes Martínez.

Rossy Lopez

Two women want to marry in Tulum

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