Jan 272013

See bullying and school violence as something abnormal, has helped parents and children with homosexuals are open to talk more about the violence that they suffer, said the therapist Nay Bolaños.

In an interview with AM, the therapist who also provides consultation in the Municipal Institute for women, said that in his private office currently serves five couples with homosexual children who have approached to try to understand their children and this have better communication.

Bullying with these children, he said, does not go away, but children now have more confidence with his parents to talk about abuses that suffer in the schools.

"Due to begin to visualize the bullying in schools, because there have always been bullying, but it was not criminalized, it was normal, but when it starts the process of denormalization of the bullying, all vulnerable populations within the schools, among them homosexual children with sexual preferences, help to emerge that interest in the parents to be able to understand the phenomenon of the" homosexuality.

"I'm not saying that the children are phenomena have such sexual preferences, but because it is a movement that is beginning to give in a social way".

The specialist explained that the child suffers from bullying in periods of training, which is the childhood and adolescence, and in those training periods always seeks to belong to a group, and not at home that need is satisfied, then the bullying has no effects, in some cases devastating, in small.

"Parents are starting to understand that for children is a problem, and when the potatoes start to understand that there are many theories why a person defines certain sexual preference, they then attach that belonging to the family and it helps the self-esteem, self-concept and self-image of the child".

Bolanos reminded that previously parents sent inquiry to the child marriagebelieving that it was a mental illness, it is not.

"Psychiatry or psychology we can get to say that it is a mental illness and this they begin to realize the mums and dads and of course that they are having to take therapy to understand that their children have a right, by the mere fact of being human beings, to decide sexual preference that will live in your adult or adolescent stage"He concluded.

Source: Newspaper AM.

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