Mar 192012
La comunidad LGBT se reunió en el primer coloquio

The formation of the collective of the lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, transsexual and transgender (LGBT) community was the result of the first Conference against homophobia and hate crimes, which Agnes Torres held the Club G Tehuacán, as part of the reactions to the assassination of the transgender activist.

Williams, one of the organizers, said is managed to bring together the leaders of several LGBT organizations, who agreed to form the new collective to define actions to be carried out in order to submit proposals to prevent hate crimes are still committed.

Among the attendees at the first colloquium was appointed to the Steering, which is Williams, as well as an advisor and members, who will begin the definition of nine points that were agreed upon at the meeting, same which seek to refine to thus leave them by submitting to the relevant authorities.

He noted that the symposium was successful, because even though there was a strong number of participants Yes got to attend the leaders of organizations with representation in the city.

With nine points was established to start the work, which will set the tone for the following activities; He acknowledged that you it's ideas expressed in different manifestations of the different sexual population, because the problems faced are similar in any part of the State and the country.

Seek what the authorities to heed the voice of the LGBT community, he said, which will present their proposals seriously and with the objective that are only good intentions for their partners.

Elizabeth Rodríguez Lezama

LGBT in Tehuacan form group for submitting proposals against homophobia and hate crimes

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