Apr 052013
Prevalece discriminación laboral a grupos gay

Alejandro Rivera Marroquin, director of the collective attention to the comprehensive family health (Cifam) BC, lamented that the Chiapas State capital there is discrimination for the groups window, especially at the time of looking for a job.

He said that this is mainly given by social stereotypes, which manage a misconception of people who have a different sexual preference.

"They think that because they are gay or lesbian may not incur to succeed, or simply a work worthy," said.

The owner of the Cifam pointed out that being gay man is related to perform trades such as the stylist or confesionador, when really the preference it doesn't matter if he is any human being to be a professional.

He mentioned the situation to shore to that many homosexuals tend to find prostitution as a work tool, not to have the opportunity to be able to work in other areas.

"They have informed us that there are jobs where literally tell them for being gay will not them to hire, discrimination that is entirely," said.

For this reason, Marroquín Rivera urged relevant authorities to raise public awareness to prevent cases of homophobia continue.

Data from the National Council to prevent discrimination (Conapred) indicate that the homosexual population is the most discriminated against in Mexico, above other groups, such as people with HIV/AIDS, foreign, people with other religious beliefs or disability.

Among the different age groups: younger, less discrimination; which most discriminated against is 60 years and over, with a rejection of 60.2 per cent to a homosexual person living in your home.


Prevailing employment discrimination to gay groups: Cifam