Jan 012012

They plan to perform in January a massive marriage between persons of the same sex in Cancun and for diversity groups demand the Government of the State that are recognized at once by all these matrimonial links to avoid discrimination in the civil records of Quintana Roo.

"Because according to the law all legal acts can be challenged in a period 15 days, after that they become not contested, and based on that legal platform we inform you that December 19, he beat the deadline for any challenge", said Sergio Monje collective diversity.

The next step, in addition to expect a State response, is precisely the realization of the first mass wedding between persons of the same sex, which hope can be next January in the city of Cancun.

Patricia Novelo, I Love Cancun Pride Parade, said that several couples are that want to get married, that proposal is open and that only miss to submit the full documentation in the civil registry.

He also stressed that a campaign of information for all citizens miss to make it a practice at the State level.

Once it has been established as a legal act involved noted that: "demand is the position by the State Government, to marriages between persons of the same sex, giving to know officially that legal act before society and the media".

Controversy of the first wedding

It was on November 28, when two couples, Sergio Monje and Manuel, as well as Patricia Novelo and Areli, contracted nuptials Kantunilkín Lázaro Cárdenas, q. Roo.

This did after discovering that in article 680 of the Civil Code, the requirements are set to celebrate the marriage and is absent any precept determined that spouses must be different-sex marriage.

This generated postures in favour and against in all social areas, but nobody did anything legally.

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