Apr 132012
Alex Ali Mendez Diaz

The representative of the Oaxacan front for the respect and recognition of sexual diversity, Alex Alí Méndez Díaz, reported that the judge second district of the 13th circuit in the State, has granted an injunction to article 143 of the Civil Code shall not apply.

With this, he explained, this fixes the only legal impediment so the couple formed by Lizeth and Montserrat, contract marriage.

Indicated that there is a period of 10 days for Civil Registry present an appeal, however, said that this would run counter to democracy.

It was reported that since August, the interested filed its request before the first oficialia of the Civil Registry of the Center, however, it was rejected them on the grounds that article 143, defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

However, he said, this cannot be sustained by international treaties on human rights which expressed and recognised the right to equality and non discrimination as well as the obligation of the State to grant legal protection to families in any of its forms of integration.

After six months, he said, under cover, was notified them whereupon ceases to apply this article to the couple, so the Civil Registry shall grant the request. This ruling gives them the powers of a marriage, so it can be adopted.

He added that other two couples who promoted a similar resource, are included in the same circumstances but said, the gay community will seek a reform to the Civil Code in the entity that support this type of unions, without resorting to a long and cumbersome legal process.

Olivia Hernandez