Mar 292013

III March lesbian of Guadalajara took place in a demand for respect for their rights and with the slogan "When there are more own acceptance there is more social inclusion".

In demand of respect and equality, a group of lesbians took to the streets of the city in the third edition of the lesbian March of Guadalajara.

Sheltered by elements of the mobility Secretariat, the contingent marched through Avenida Hidalgo, taking two lanes, in the eyes of citizens who stopped the way to observe.

"When there is more own acceptance there is more social inclusion." Under this consideration an approximate thousand people participated in the III March lesbian of Guadalajara in a demand for respect for their rights. This time was more than double the demonstrators than in the first edition of this event in the Jalisco capital.

For Karina Velasco Michel, of the collective lesbian Tapatio, be or lesbian in a macho society is many times more difficult that be gaySince there is a kind of double discrimination, a double exclusion that many girls are not willing to deal with.

Therefore, he stressed, visibility is important to society, assume and be proud of what each one is and their sexual preferences, no matter what they are.

"Make us visible is the way by which society becomes inclusive, and thus advance to have equal opportunities," said the activist.

The demonstration began at Chapultepec and Hidalgo Avenue crossings and ended in Plaza Guadalajara, in Guadalajara Center.

There, Karina read a speech to attendees to demand respect, fight the lesbophobia and discrimination; He directed words of pride and satisfaction to the hundreds of participants - supported by the LGBTI community of Guadalajara-, which was also requested the adoption of equal marriage.

"What we require? We demand equal opportunities in all areas, we demand that in Jalisco legislating in favor of equal marriage and all that it emanates, all this based on the theoretical framework that each individual is free to decide about his life, your home and your destination; in a nutshell, how hold the reins of his life", he said in the first picture of the city.

According to Michel Velasco, the increase in the participation of the March reflects that more women are increasingly willing to go out and not hide, which has positive effects on the rest of society.

Progress has been gradual, it considered, and it requested to establish discrimination as an offence and legislate equal marriage, which would be a next step towards a more inclusive society.

During all March, various organizations of civil society carried out various activities for the Guadalajara lesbian population. Film screenings and book presentations with themed lesbian, a talk about codependent relationships and an event in which parents shared experiences about sexual diversity were held.

Source: The day Jalisco.