May 082013

The singer Mika will be headlined by a free concert held May 21 in Paris to celebrate the law on same-sex marriage and reaffirm the importance of the fight against homophobia, announced Wednesday the Inter-LGBT (lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans).

The Franco-British artist, who has made public his homosexuality last September, will occur on the place de la Bastille at this concert for all» scheduled from 7 p.m. to midnight in a spirit "festive and protest", said Nicolas Gougain, spokesman of the federation of the leading associations for the defence of the rights of homosexuals.

The concert was originally planned may 17, the international day against homophobia, but it had to be shifted to practical issues. It will finally take place five days before a national demonstration of opponents of the law opening up marriage and homosexuality to same-sex couples. "We continue to occupy space and express ourselves," said Nicolas Gougain.

The right has seized the Constitutional Council

For him, in addition to the celebration of the adoption of the Taubira law, it is to continue the efforts against homophobia which, according to the Inter LGBT, "violently expressed in recent weeks" and recalled the upcoming fighting: "defending the rights of transsexuals, LDC (assisted) and fight against discrimination".

Act was finally adopted by Parliament on 23 April but right parliamentarians seized the Constitutional Council which has a month to decide.

In the meantime, opponents continue to lobby against the first François Holland societal reform. Sunday, tens of thousands of people marched in several cities of France to request the removal of the text.

Gay marriage: "Concert for all" with Mika on 21 may - women in society - La Parisienne

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