Apr 222013
Gay rights equal human rights

A consultative council has been appointed by the government to give recommendations and prepare legislation involving the LGBT community.

Social Dialogue Minister Helena Dalli said the formation of the council came in the wake of a first reading in Parliament last week of a Bill to amend the Civil Code to enable people who undergo gender re-assignment to marry a person of the opposite gender.

The new council is composed of representatives of NGOs involved in LGBT issues.

The council’s priority will be to prepare legislation on civil unions by persons of the same sex.

The council will later work on a Bill to regulate the recognition of trans-gender persons.

Dr Dalli said it was government policy to respect all people in the context of diversity. She stressed the need for society to address homophobia through improved education.

The NGOs represented on the council are the Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM), Drachma, Drachma Parents Support Group, the students group ‘We Are’, ADITUS and LGBT Labour.




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