Mar 292013

Whether a womanizing billionaire like Batman, an alien from another planet who wears "just underwear briefs" red on the outside of his blue suit and that it slipped through a woman's character as Lois Lane, an ordinary kid who is bitten by a superaraña mutant genetically or any other subject that responds to the prototype of the Nietzschean Superman, the truth is that everyone has something in common: All these great superheroes have great women at his side.
There are also superheroines, such as wonder woman and Catwoman, but these have always been overshadowed by the male figure. A vision of macho that exists in our culture but that many or we realized its existence even.

Why not known superhero gay or lesbian superheroines? Probably because this subculture of the comic started in times in which homosexuality was still a taboo subject and has already sat their bases. The hero is a reference to his followers and many will think that it is not breaking with the established plan. Do if things work, what getting into trouble for free?, will be the opinion of many... Against the conventional wisdom of the closed mind; It turns out that Marvel, one of the "Colossus" companies in the industry of comics and cartoons, has decided to take a step forward to join in marriage to one of his characters logo. Last year, North Star, which formed part of the Group Alpha Flight of the famous X-men, married her boyfriend, Kyle. But it is that years before, the DC factory went further, since she married Apollo with Midnighter to then make the remarriage, to adopt a mediohumana girl.
Other known cases of homosexuality in superheroes are the Green Lantern (probably the best known character of the cases which have occurred and which was the first that DC brought out of the closet) and Batwoman, female companion of Batman created by Sheldon Moldoff, who is described as openly as a lesbian.

Alberto Fuentes

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