Dec 182012
Homosexual explosion

They say that entertainers are a reflection of society. Musicians sing about what they experience growing up and living in their societies. Comedians use satire to mock us for our peculiarities aye?

Then in the same vein, with all the gay rumours circulating and beef even being reignited over homosexual rumours, it would seem Kenya is experiencing an explosion of homosexuality and we as a society are at a loss as to how to handle the explosion.

Recently, last week actually, at Piedmont home of 88MPH, an all out war nearly blew out between Octo and Abass and Bamboo. Octopizzo was asked to pose for a picture with an out and proud homosexual called “Miss” Jay.

Octo felt like he was set up by his erstwhile nemesis Abass and his chum Bamboo. And boy was he livid! Octo isn’t gay, he has a girlfriend but in a country like Kenya, just the whiff of a scandal involving homosexuality will not just end an artists career, it can end in death! He called Bamoo and Abass out to the parkinglot so the 3 of them could solve their problems “mundu khumundu”! That’s man to man for those of you not conversant with Luhya. But in this case it would be more of a handicap fight with Bamboo and Abass on one side and Octo on the other.

Then on Saturday on national TV, Anitah Nderu of the show “Teen Republiq” blindsided Chimano with a question about his sexuality.
Chimano put all the rumours to bed by stating categorically that he is straight.Then there was the series on KTN that chrnicled how male prisoners have been engaging in homosexuality and going beyond just raping those considered weak to turning them into women!
And yesterday i posted a troll article of Ian Mugoya kissing one of his boyos. And the comments section betrayed alot of insecurity about this lad Ian. More men than women commented saying that they always suspected that he was gay. He is not. And it got me thinking, why are Kenyans so preoccupied with homosexuality?

Why is what someone does with another such a big deal? Because the Bible says so? Tough titty said the kitty but the milk’s still fresh and the milk is indeed still fresh given that Kenya is a secular state. From my point of view, Kenyans need to stop caring and getting emotional about what others do. But from the vitriol and bile, the passion with which the gay rumours get spread, Kenyans have caught serious feelings about all this. Clearly there is something not being spoken! I don’t care what anyone else is into aslong as me and the 2-live crew are taken care of! Two lasses for me on either side and two lasses for Xola! Two for me, two for you! You could be gay, into women or animals for all i care. I just want a lass to entertain me and the rest of the world can burn for all i care.

Maybe that’s harsh but i was raised to know “to each his own poison” and besides, doesn’t the Bible ultimately say that only God can judge? Look not at the speck in your brothers eyes but at the log in your own! This sermon is over. Uncle Chim Tuna Obiajulu is done. As you were!

Chimwani Obiajulu