May 242012

Are invisible and discriminated against, and often prefer not to denounce the abuses suffered by colleagues or by their leaders. It is the picture that emerges from a study that, for the first time in Italy, he asked the workers not only homosexuals but also heterosexual ones, on the working conditions of their colleagues Glbt (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender). Experiencing a significant convergence on one point: three out of four Italians believe that today, be declared gay or "incognito", in labour market, represents a disadvantage.

Fifteen questions on questionnaires collected and compiled 1,892 at 55% and 45% Glbt from heterosexuals, belonging to all age groups (from 18 years old to over 50): the study "work and sexual minorities in Italy", produced between the months of February and April on impulse of "Bologna Pride 2012 Committee, tried to understand what are the working conditions of gay. Discovering, for example, that the defense and security sectors in which 82% of respondents (compared to 65.5% of Italian media) reports to have at least a fellow homosexual, almost always not declared. Men in uniform, in fact, is one of the professional areas perceived as one of the areas where it is harder to live out their sexual orientation and, at the same time, one of the toughest to gays and lesbians.

Research (available on site 2), which will be presented tomorrow in Bologna, in the run-up to the June 9 national Pride, has made it possible to highlight the professional fields in which is recorded a greater presence of gay workers. In the first place (88.3% of the respondents said they have at least one homosexual colleague) associative organizations (unions, political parties, etc.), followed by personal services activities as hairdresser and masseuse (84.6%); after the defense, in third place, artistic, recreational activities and related to fashion (80.7%); close business services (call centers, and similar cleaning with 79.4%).

In comparing gay and heterosexual respondents, reveals a significant difference: "Lgbt people show know to work with gay colleagues more often than their heterosexual counterparts (71.2% for the first, compared with 59.5% of seconds) – noted Raffaele Lelleri, the sociologist who led the study together with Luca Pietrantoni, of the University of Bologna – This depends on the so-called selective visibility and impermeability of the Glbt community whose membersin many cases, tend to reveal their orientation to their ' like ' ". With regard to discrimination at work an average of 19% relates to be aware of incidents of injustice toward gay people: a percentage that exceeds 24% significantly between homosexuals and stops at 13% among straight people. The majority is also unanimous in claiming that the abuses are reported: never or rarely to 60%.

The theme was the Quirinal Palace, through the Secretary-General, Donato Marra, who, by sending a greeting of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, has called it "unacceptable that the professional background of citizens that are an integral part of civil society could be hampered by homophobic behavior unjustifiable, the fruit of ignorance and intolerance and deeply offensive to the dignity of the person".

"Belong to a minority, in this case related to sexual orientation, involves solving not only when you declare to be gay – noted Ivan Scalfarotto, vice President of the Democratic Party and, tomorrow, between the rapporteurs of the Conference – in fact, if you choose not to share anything with your colleagues, with separate private life from professional, stress will be much higher. Often you must reckon with jokes against gays, even by their own leaders, who, in fact, say what they think of them. At that point coming out becomes even more difficult. " "With the Parks, which are the Chief Executive, we have successfully encouraged the opening of companies towards Glbt workers, giving them the best policies to be adopted – explains Scalfarotto – companies follow our advices not only because it is right, but why invest on the talents of the gay and lesbian people means improving their productivity, motivation and loyalty".

As to the prospects for the future, the Italians seem to be optimistic. According to 61% working condition of gays and lesbians will improve, while 57% considers that there have been some progress compared to the past. Even in this case, there is a discrepancy between hetero (decidedly more optimistic: 67%) and the most skeptical homosexuals (56% believe in an improvement).

"Everyone seems to be aware of the inevitability of certain social changes, inherent in the modernisation – see Lelleri – Although the positions of the Church and certain politicians, I think the story leads us towards that direction of civilization". Also the Member of the Democratic Party, Paola Concia, optimistic and the opportunity to appeal to the Minister Elsa Fornero: "I think that now is the time of truth and demolition of walls, despite the current political class has been shown to be deaf and numb. The institutions can no longer turn a blind eye to the rights of Lgbt people. For this I want to publicly invite Fornero to study this investigation and to issue directives, as I had been promised by his predecessor: to act within its competence, in order to protect gays, lesbians and transsexuals in the workplace ".


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