Mar 222013
HIV messaging on toilet paper

According to recent HIV statistics, the 78,8% of HIV transmissions are related to unprotected intercourses. New researches show that HIV transmission increased among Italian woman in recent years. What better time to talk to women than the International Women’s Day?

On March 8th, Italian HIV awareness charity Sieropositivo decided to print QR codes on toilet paper and placed the rolls in women’s rooms at trendy clubs in Rome and Milan.

Women who visit those lavatories will encounter toilet paper rolls printed with the question, “When you use a public restroom do you fear diseases? What about when you have sex?” To further explore the topic, there’s a QR code leading to this #ToiletThink site.

It’s pretty clear that many people use their cellphones while on the toilet and pass time (among other things). This is a great placement of a QR code where many people will have their phones ready and are possibly looking for something new to interact with.




Italian Anti-HIV Campaign Places QR Code On Toilet Paper