Apr 172013
Daniele Cario

Town puts solidarity in its programme the establishment register of civil unions in the city of Viterbo. An important decision to lift a broad debate on how to protect forms of affective and family ties, stable and long-lasting, living outside of marriage.

The data say that living in these new family forms 12 million people, representing 20% of the Italian population. How the State can protect them? Why, in family law does not regulate these emotional constraints? This thorny topic touches the institution of marriage which, for the moment, appears to be the only approved, legal level, for two people who love each other and we want to put on the family.

This, unfortunately, can be adopted by unmarried and people of the opposite sex. That's why since ' 90 the LGBT movement (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) began to fight because two people of the same sex can marry and have the same protection of heterosexual couples. In order to stress this need homosexual associations have asked in several Italian cities to establish in their symbolic personal registers, civil unions. These have no legal value unless the single Municipality does not decide to add to the symbolic value of the Union real rights (e.g., access to housing). In Italy, until today, 127 cities have established the register of civil unions in their communes: Florence, Milan, Naples, Reggio Emilia, Palermo and Monza, Bari Cagliari, Siena and Perugia.

Also in Tarquinia Viterbo was the 1999 pioneer – "After Pisa, Arezzo, Tarquinia, after discussions (if they spoke in the Municipal Council the first time in September ' 98) has approved the establishment by 9 votes against 6. And since yesterday is in the list of the top ten Italian cities that welcomed the register civil unions: simply demonstrate a partnership with at least one year's residence in the municipality asking for membership. Solidarity village raises a thorny debate in the town of Viterbo, the protection of affective ties, outside of marriage.

The establishment of the register of civil unions, says Daniele Cario, mayoral candidate for Viterbo, would for the time being only to a symbolic level, both heterosexual and homosexual couples to be recognised as forms of affective bonds stable outside of marriage. It is important that even in the city of Viterbo will start discussing de facto couples affective ties and not protected by law.

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