Mar 272012
Vanity Fair

The Italian Edition of Vanity Fair has launched the campaign not Coppie Di Serie B (non-pairs of series B) in favour of the recognition of the partners of the same sex in Italy. The magazine dedicated its cover, starring actor and sex symbol Italian Raoul Bova, and has promoted a collection of signatures calling on the Government to legislate for the matter. Vanity Fair has announced that in coming weeks he will publish a series of articles on cases of homophobic discrimination.

The magazine has published an open letter to the Minister of labour and Social protection, Elsa Fornero, in which are reminded that in Italy the unions between persons of the same sex do not have any legal recognition and prompted to act to put an end to a discriminatory situation more and more intolerable. The letter is accompanied by the hashtag # #nocoppiediserieB and has collected more than 5,500 signatures, among others those of prominent public figures as the writer Roberto Saviano, the journalist Milena Gabanelli, businessman Alessandro Benetton, the singer Mina or the MP Paola Concia, recently interviewed by dosmanzanas.

On the cover of the magazine, Italian actor Raoul Bova, who spoke of his relationship with homosexuality - also citing the films of Pedro Almodóvar - in an interview in which (after, that Yes, emphasized that he is heterosexual, "Catholic, baptized and married in the Church") argues that the Italian culture is "sexist and conservative", asks that the rights of LGBT couples recognize and says that if his son told him that he is gay the think that he did "a good job as a parent". The actor also said that there would be no problem in interpreting a homosexual character.

The initiative of Vanity Fair takes place a few days after the historic ruling of the Court appeal Supreme Italian, which has dictated that couples of the same sex have right to a family life with the same rights as opposite-sex couples. A sentence that continues to feed the controversy in Italy. Senator homophobic Carlo Giovanardi (who at first tried to downplay the statement) has, together with the spokesman of the parliamentary group of the PdL (people of freedom) in the Senate, Maurizio Gasparri, a letter sent delusional to the President of the Republic asking it to punish judges who have ruled. Giovanardi and Gasparri accuse judges of wanting to "Guide to Italian public opinion".

Statements by Chiara Francini

Also the Florentine actress Chiara Francini has positioned itself in recent days in favor of LGBT rights stating that in this respect Italy remains in the "Paleolithic". The actress has denounced the influence of the Vatican in public life and has stated that "in Italy there is a distorted, partial and even ridiculous view of homosexuality. Abroad are seen as something normal, as it is obvious that it is".

Chiara Francini will be the godmother of the XXVI Edition of the LGBT "From Sodom to Hollywood" Film Festival, which will be held from 19 to 25 April in Turin.