Apr 072013

The physicist claims that vaccines contain mercury and other substances that enter the brain and the child becomes homosexual.

Gian Paolo Vanoli, an Italian scientist of 70 years is already known for his controversial statements where has expressed his opposition to the vaccines in children because according to this: "the vaccine is introduced in the child, the child grows and tries to find its own personality, and if this is" inhibited by mercury or other substances present in the vaccine into the brain, the child becomes gay“.

Vanoli in their statements is also positioned on homosexuality by disease and "microform of Autism". According to the physicist to vaccinate children with substances of the vaccine "it will transform them" on gays in the future.

The Italian scientist added: "the problem will be especially more serious in future generations, since when gays have children, the children will carry with them the DNA of the illness of his father". "You will see as you" you will see many gays in the following generations, it will be a disaster“.

Despite these direct statements Vanoli insists that he supports same-sex marriage and gay adoption. It not "blames" homosexuals for their 'disease', just as you wouldn't blame someone "suffering from cancer or a heart attack".

Pilar Márquez