May 142013

Presented at a press conference the Queeresima initiative program that will involve the city between the months of May and June. Testimonial of the musician Scarlett Faa.

"It has to be a moment of knowledge, training andan opportunity to speak and make a key issue. That is why I participate with pleasure to the presentation of these forty days of activity ". These are the words of head of tourism, Barbara Argiolasduring the press conference for the presentation of the initiative carried out by the ARC. Present, this morning in the Sala Giunta di palazzo Baccaredda, the Chairman of the Committee on culture, Ahmed Gamal, the Chairman of the Committee on General Affairs Filippo Petrucciprovincial Councillor, youth policies, Marta Ecca, and represented the Association ARC, Carlo Cotza.

The long journey begins Thursday, May 16with the inauguration of the 2013 Queeresima, and then carving between meetings with industry associations, social documentaries and films on the subject, seminars and debates, will lead us to Saturday June 29, the day culminated with a parade along the promenade Poetto of Sardinia Pride 2013.
"Why Sardinia Pride and Gay Pride? Why should be an opportunity to be yourself, be proud of what we are, and for the first time, unlike in other Italian companies, will not be limited to the city of Cagliari, but involves the whole Sardinia and beyond, especially thanks to the great collaboration with Sassari "of sorts. Then, listening to the words of Carlo Cotzathe city is preparing to lead a new wave of tourists and curious that, as it is hoped the Secretary Abey, could repeat the success just reached with Open 2013 Monuments. In Bed & Breakfast in the city came already early reservations, however there are certainly the last-minute stragglers. Last year the only final parade did count around 6,000 attendance, this year it aims to increase this number and expectations are high thanks to the many events organized.
Optimism and great desire to witness participation the Chairman of the Committee on Culture Gamal "We are very proud of this second edition, and fully reflects the line taken by our policies: extending rights not to encroach on the freedom of others but to build a better society. We must raise awareness to civil themes ".
For this reason the city of Cagliari has decided to sponsor, with a symbolic gesture and free the entire event, as pointed out by the President of the General Affairs Committee Pani "It was an incredible job, done mostly by volunteers. I feel very satisfied, as insiders who as a citizen; and we are confident that the Joint action will continue to support initiatives of this kind ".

Important events of 2013: Queeresima
-Thursday, May 16: Inauguration of Queeresima 2013, at Centro di Documentazione e studi, via Lanusei 19/a, Cagliari; h. 20.30
-Saturday May 18 2013: Torchlight against all victims of transphobia and homophobia, departing from Piazza del Carmine, Cagliari; h 20.00
-Thursday, June 14 2013: Seminar "Family rights", at the University of Cagliari.
-Saturday, June 29: Sardinia PRIDE 2013!, at the promenade Poetto.

Alessandro Pesapane
2013: Cagliari Sardinia Pride and forty days of civil rights – Cagliari – common Events News

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