Dec 262012

During the Christmas speech Benedicto XVI said to form alliances with other religions to oppose gay marriage, they are one family "in their foundations" threaten.

During the Christmas speech of the Pope addressed to officials of the Vatican, the desire to form alliances with other religions to oppose marriage gay.

The Pope, said the relations between people of the same sex, to threaten the family "in its foundations", so it must avoid the "real structure" of the family change.

The leader of the Catholic Church, spoke, saying that the union between a man and a woman is "the authentic atmosphere of the plan of human existence".

The meeting was held in the Sala Clementina of the Apostolic Vatican Palace, those present heard the Pope talk about the protection of data of primary and secondary elements which can disappear, if society accepts the marriage gay.

"When such a designation is rejected, the key figures of the human existence disappear also: father, mother, children, and the essential elements of human experience are lost".

In some countries, the Vatican, agreed to join Jews, Muslims and other religious leaders to prevent the legalization of marriage between persons of the same sex.

Benedict XVI, cited a study by the French Rabbi Gilles Bernheim who says that the legalization of relations families benefit a minority, but the Pope said that he will defend his thesis not to accept these relationships, because marriage gay that is being legalized in many countries that search is the "exclusive benefit of a small minority".

Source: Christian News.

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