Apr 262013
Lucca Italy

De facto couples? The town of Lucca is preparing to establish the register of civil unions. And the Italy of Lucca already expressed his support for the idea of bringing the measure to the approval of the City Council. Writes clearly Lara Fiorini, provincial Coordinator of the party: "the Idv emphasizes – Lucca – strongly supports the intention of the majority in the City Council to propose the establishment of a register of civil unions, as it believes that all couples, regardless of their sex or their choice to join in marriage or not, they have full right to equal treatment by the municipal administration".

"The phenomenon of civil unions or marriages in fact – stresses Fiorini – find a constitutional basis in articles 2 and 3 of the Constitution since the Civil Union is not at odds with the family as well as recognized and guaranteed by the Constitution in article 29, but to recognize and emphasize the value and importance of the family do not preclude the rise or the existence of social formationsprovided for and protected by article 2 of the Constitution, whose objectives are deemed deserving of protection and not contrary to constitutional principles. It is important to remember that the judgment of the Court of Cassation 4184 opened towards a full recognition of homosexual family, arguing that, in certain specific situations, same-sex couples have the right to apply to court to enforce the right to a uniform treatment to that afforded by law to married couples. The Court has also stated that the members of the couple, regardless of the legislature's intervention in the matter, are holders of the right to family life, the inviolable right to live freely the couple's condition and the right to judicial protection of specific situations and has, moreover, stated that the difference of sex is not to be regarded as a natural element of marriage. "

Lucca, moving the process for registration of civil partnerships

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