Apr 022013
Da sodoma a hollywo0od

Now even the World Italian GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans) a space has it, though not quite adequate European standards, and this is demonstrated by the Turin GLBT Festival "Da Sodoma a Hollywood", no less than twenty-eighth edition.

From 19 to 25 April, at the Cinema Massimo, fans on the topic will take you between screenings of all types, from drama to comedy, from comedy to fantasy, until the documentary thriller, noir, etc.

Proud of the Festival Selection Committee which confirms "a willingness to investigate and propose topics, often hot and controversial, highly topical and of offering to the public movies from around the world, otherwise invisible.

The focus, this year, concern civil rights and equal opportunities, legal recognition of homosexual couples, the homosexual parenting and adoptions, which are major issues for debate and political development in Europe and the rest of the world these days.

In the Hall, in any case, there really is something for everyone: in fact there are more than 120 movies screened, and represent well 34 Nations.

Hosts usual Americans, with 36 titles, followed by Latin America, with 20 titles. But even Israel (6 titles), Canada (5 titles) and Australia (4 titles) if the fighting well. Of the 14 European films come from Spain and 11 from France, while Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, England, Poland and Croatia have smaller numbers. True pride of this year though are the contributions of Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan and Taiwan. The Italy is no less and, like Latin America, brings even 20 works by young and independent authors also engaged in the battle of creativity and dissemination of LGBT reality.

The film buffs should sign on the agenda two events in particular, as to contend for the award for the feature film section there are two international previews the Australian "Monster Pies" by Lee Galea (a kind of Romeo and Juliet in gay version) and the Mexican "Todo mundo tiene a alguien menos yo by Raul Fuentes". For those more interested in the historical aspects are documentary, "Paul Bowles: The Cage Door is Always Open" by Daniel Young, a touching job on Paul Bowles, the father of the "beat generation", and "Codebreaker" by Clare Beavan and Nic Stacey, a portrait of Alan Turing is considered the pioneer of artificial intelligence and information technology (few people know that he was gay).

Among the interesting Italian jobs "nobody's perfect" by Fabiomassimo Lozzi, "lesbians don't exist" by Laura Landi and Giovanna Saheb and the docudrama "pink nude" by Giovanni queue.

To keep an eye on, moreover, even the two web-series in Turin: a preview, is signed by "The BADhOLE" and is titled "King (l) chain" actions (by Silvia Novelli), while the other is a mix of the latest episodes of "G & T" by Francesco D'alessio. Finally, following the wave of contaminations between expressive languages, cannot miss the videoclip where the musical element is add and expand the emotions, especially if authors there is Paolo Ferrarini, capable of proposing an acute mix of vision, message and feeling.

Eugenia Romanelli

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