Jun 042012
It's just love

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More than two thousand high school students, including Italy, Holland, Belgium and Estonia, committed against homophobia. Funded by the European Commission, the draft Niso, whose is leader of Rome Province, saw take the field three Roman schools, to defend and promote equal rights for homosexual and transgender people through the realization of six videos.

Human Pride, Discrimin-Action, Drag Queer and Just Love, are some of the names of the working groups in which they are organized, during the last school year, pupils of high schools Giordano Bruno, Socrates and Vivona. A real "edu-game", that which took part, based on the creation of multimedia products, in order to establish a concrete policy proposal to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Videos of boys and girls, all aged between 16 and 19 years, were then subjected to the judgement of the web (via the website: www.voiceout.eu) and a quality jury, headed by Andrea Occhipinti.

On 7 June, the award ceremony of the winners. The four winning schools in each of the countries involved will be rewarded with a trip to Brussels where they will have the opportunity to submit a proposal to the European Parliament against discrimination.

"We look forward to leading this wonderful initiative against homophobia. The differences are a resource, they are never a problem ", says the President of the province of Rome, Nicola Zingaretti, who will announce the winners at an event expected to Itis Galilei, Rome. In this video, entitled "It's just Love", one of the videos made by students of the liceo Vivona.

Mark Easter