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The GLBTQ (gay/lesbian/bi/trans/queer) is becoming more and more a party of Italian society and, if still not policy legislates on this issue as the rest of Europe and the world, to treat the topic we think festivals, festivals, exhibitions, roundtables. From 31 May to 2 June, for example, the capital opens the doors to the third edition of GendErotica – contamination of queer art: an international festival of the arts guest performing and working on the queer body, i.e. the various declinations of gender identity. The location will be two, the new Cinema Palace, in the picturesque district of San Lorenzo, and the Teatro Valle Occupied, i.e. the two hearts buttons on the Rome underground and independent. The real novelty of this year are the Power and Fem Queer Femminity, for the first time in queer communities. "These are individuals, associations, groups, explain the organizers, the Group Eyes Wild Drag – regardless of gender and sexual orientation, their live Act, speakers in the world, identifying themselves as feminine and using feminine aesthetics".

The Fem is a Queer sort of militant women, a champion of a postmodern feminism that is working doggedly, worldwide, through art, the political organization, academic engagement, fashion publications, to combat the invisibility and the negative representation of the feminine, in every context. The program develops in three days: Theater, performances, shows, workshops, video art, documentaries, photo exhibitions and roundtables with burlesque artiste feminists, Faux Queen (i.e. women who seize the aesthetics of reinventandola Drag Queen), Vampire and Fat Fem (when femininity claimed, erotica and bursting, overcomes barriers of size and weight). Most of them are in Italy for the first time, although it is artists who already have graced stages and stages in all five continents.

Just to mention a few names, there will be Wendy Delorme, French artist, searched the doctor in communication sciences at the Sorbonne in Paris, lesbian writer, lesbian porn movie actress and author of the first experimental guide on queer sexuality; or the American Fauxnique, performer of theatre and dance, first woman in the world to have won, in 2009, the famous drag competition Miss Trannyshack Pageant; or Rosie Natacha Chetcouti (France), Federica Frabetti, Senior Lecturer in Communication, Media and Culture at Oxford Brookes University, and Michela Baldo, researcher at the Università per Stranieri di Siena. Detailed program:

Eugenia Romanelli

GendErotica 2013: the queer Festival arrives in Rome – ideas – Travel –

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