Apr 292013
Nozze gay, Danilo e Valentino sposi a Roma

Imma Battaglia, President of the Association of ' Gay Project (Dgp), joined today in Rome at villa Marta symbolically married Danilo and Valentino: the two men exchanged rings and vows with civil ceremony.

Both, almost thirty Sicilians, Valentino works at a Bingo Hall, while Danilo is the chef. By choice I got married abroad and have preferred to join in Italy--where they were born and live – to help bring forward the battle over the rights of gay couples. "Marriage is not a matter of sex, or religion: it is your choice to share life with the person you love," they explained.

Lawyers legal door Dgp did sign the kids "Act of love", real cohabitation contract, a deed (downloadable from the website www.digayproject.org) that the Association puts at the disposal of all those who wish to regulate their relationship by living together, using the possibilities that now offers the Italian law. With the signing of the document the parties may regulate matters that, in the absence of a law or of a private writing, are likely to generate conflicts: the ownership of the assets, the use of the common house, the cessation of cohabitation, the right to maintenance and assistance in case of illness.

«Our Association said Imma Battaglia – has become a point of reference, through our legal advice, door to help many couples to legalize their Union with the instruments available so far. This is the fourth symbolic wedding that I have the pleasure and the honour to celebrate. Many young people love moves me and strengthens me in my goal to do something concrete for all couples. Pending laws on marriages and civil unions, it is necessary and possible to develop practical solutions that provide for forms of protection on legal themes, the most urgent economic and health. I hope it will be soon a law that treats all rights couples without discrimination. "

Danilo e Valentino sposi: nozze simboliche celebrate da Imma Battaglia – Il Messaggero

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