May 062013

Hand-holding and kissing on lungotevere when were insulted by two men of 50 years. Who have railed against the gay couple shouting "sick, disgusting, go". The fiances have moved away, then split up to go everyone to take their car, while the two men approached to either one and continued with insults, shaking a helmet to hit it. The companion who was still around, he returned back to ward off the attacker. The two boys were able to leave, thinking it was better run away to avoid the worst.

So a note Fabrizio Marrazzo, a spokeswoman for Gay centers, tells "the absurd episode that demonstrates how homophobia is a danger and that it is necessary to combat it. The calls to endorse anti-homophobia rules seem to fall into the void. Yet as evidenced by the news today of the new Svastichella's arrest, often we are also faced with real criminals. Tools are needed to protect the victims of aggression – concluded Madhavan – to this day for the case indicated the only way would be a lawsuit, more often than not, however, intended to be stored there being a specific crime as could be, with the extension of the law for offences against Left-handed people lesbian, gay and trans ".

Lungotevere, gay couple kissing and insulted: "you're sick" – Rome –

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