May 142013
Ivan Scalfarotto

The demand was put forward by Congressman Pd, Ivan Scalfarotto. Integrative health care, behind the payment of a fee, can be extended to same-sex partners as well as with all other parliamentarians.

The Bureau of the Chamber for the first time, recognize gay couples. The governing body chaired by Laura Boldrini has in fact accepted, by a majority, the request of Ivan Scalfarotto (Pd) to see extended, behind the payment of a fee, integrative health care to same-sex partner as well as all other parliamentarians (both married and living together). Scalfarotto wins a battle that in the last term had seen defeat the party colleague Paola Concia. Not all groups of Office Presidents, however, have voted in favour.

Positive opinion has been expressed by Pd, Pdl and SEL. Only the League has voted otherwise. Abstained Civic Choice and brothers of Italy, but abstained also representatives of the Bureau of the movement 5 Stars who have asked, how much we learn, to return to have more time to discuss.

Health care to same-sex partners, the Bureau of the Chamber gives ok –

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