Apr 052013
Out Loud

At 28° Torino GLBT Film Festival "Da Sodoma a Hollywood" (19-25 April) there will be the first openly gay films made in Lebanon, and therefore resented. Directed by Samer Daboul and filmed in Beirut, "Out Loud" staged a dream, a utopia, an act of emancipation in the wake of riots in the streets of new generations.

The film will be screened on its behind the scenes, in which the Director recounts not only the difficulties which the crew encountered during processing (interruptions, theft, insults), but also the situation of the LGBT community in the country. Significant, in the film, the censorship of a kiss between two men as a form of protection for actors, that would in fact could constitute proof of homosexuality against them.

"Out Loud" is part of the nine titles inserted in pink Crescent Focus the Turin event, conducted by John Malekian, dedicated this year to the Middle East's cinematography.

Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Cyprus are the only countries in this part of the world in which homosexual acts (in private) are not considered illegal, in other States homosexuality remains a crime punished with very severe penalties, ranging from corporal punishment to imprisonment, even death (Saudi Arabia). Although the Constitution in force in Palestine opposes to any kind of discrimination (including gender), the reality is very different.

The test section to focus the contradictions of these countries not only to denounce the perverse mechanisms, but also to witness the brave attempts to GLBT community fight for their rights. The situation is well described by The Invisible Men of documentaries Yariv Mozer and I Am Gay and Muslim by Chris touching stories about Belloni, adverse spring arabe.

The Torino GLBT Film Festival the first gay movie filmed in Beirut – CinemaItaliano.info