Dec 172012

A small group of Italian activists for civil rights tried to manifest itself This Sunday at the Vatican against the stance of the Catholic Church on the rights of sexual minorities. Once in Plaza San Pedro, while Joseph Ratzinger pronounced the Angelus, activists hoisted their banners in silence. At that moment they were arrested by Italian police responsible for Vatican security.

The police officers, with very bad ways, seized the banner "that were carrying the protesters, in which one could read in several languages - including the Castilian-slogans like"homophobia = death“, "I am a lesbian, not a threat""o "homosexual unions do not threaten the peace, weapons Yes“. The protesters, around the half, were detained for about an hour, after which were released. Among them was the journalist and blogger weekly L'Espresso Alessandro Gilioli, who in his blog entry He has criticized both the actions of the security forces and the coverage given by the Italian press to protest.

The protestors wanted to show their displeasure by the recent speech of Joseph Ratzinger on the occasion of the so-called "46 world day of peace" which the Catholic Church celebrates on January 1, which included the marriage between persons of the same sex (next to euthanasia or abortion) in the list of elements that threaten world peace. “The natural structure of the marriage must be recognised and promoted as the union of a man and a woman, from attempts to match it from a legal point of view, with radically different forms of union which, in fact, damage and contribute to its destabilization, obscuring its particular character and its irreplaceable role in society", said Ratzinger, in particular, on marriage."

"We find intolerable the assertion that homosexual unions are dangerous to the world", said Gianfranco Mascia, one of the activists who organized the protest.

We leave you with a video of what happened:

Eitan Yao