Jun 282012

Ra’anana Mayor Nahum Hofree and the organizers of the city’s planned gay pride parade reached a compromise under which the event scheduled for Friday will not be canceled, instead it will be a stationary event in a department store parking lot.

City hall explained that it decided to change the plans in order to spare the feelings of a large proportion of the city’s residence, who found the prospect of a gay pride parade in their city offensive.

Though compromise was reached and an event will in fact take place, earlier this week, mayor Hofree posted on Facebook: “In recent weeks, I have received many messages on the subject of the “gay pride parade,” some of this flooding my Facebook page here with inappropriate language. I’d like to make it clear – there will be no gay pride parade in Ra’anana.”

In his Facebook post, Hofree continued to explain his decision: “Being EVERYONE’s mayor, and since Ra’anana has always been known for its pluralistic nature and for the sensitivity it afforded to all its citizens I decided to approve an event in the parking lot of the old Mashbir. The organizers promised me that the event would be modest in nature and will stress the community’s tolerant side.”

The organization behind the event, Six Colors, said that it decided not to fight the decision and insist on holding a parade. According to the Baruch Oren, who heads the organization, pressure should be concentrated on municipalities that refused to cooperate with the organization all together, such as Rishon Lezion and Hadera.

Preparations for the event have been going on for weeks. In response some Facebook groups were set up calling for its cancelation. The mayors Facebook page was flooded with anti-homosexual comments that were removed.

Revital Hovel


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