Apr 082012
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The Iranian government finally announced the goal of National Intranet: No worldwide internet for Iran in 5 months.

In different reports Reza Taghipour, the IRI Communication minister on March 25th – http://khabarnegaran.info/article.php3?id_article=940 – and April 5th – http://www.kaleme.com/1391/01/18/klm-97094/ – mentioned they would unplug Iran from worldwide internet and release National Intranet in two steps instead.

“We would release the first phase of National Intranet in May,” he said.

In this phase they would ban google services e.g. gmail, google search, G+ etc. plus yahoo and Hotmail services to make Iranian users register at their services ( Iran mail http://mail.iran.ir/Mail/ ), Iran search engine ( http://www.en.iran.ir/ etc. ). But worldwide internet would be still accessible.

By the meantime the forms to apply for Iran Mail registration form ( http://mail.iran.ir/register/?module=new ) needs national ID, Address and full name. They check forms with real information they have, then they approve registration. It means they have full access of who has which email and who send and receive what.

“We would launch the final phase of National Intranet in August,” he mentioned in second interview.

“We present National Intranet for governmental organizations now. But companies need to register for it if they want to use it now,” he added.

“All Internet Service Providers (ISP) should only present National Internet by August,” he mentioned.

These two interviews was the most clear speech from IRI which mentioned the dark side of the National Intranet plan obviously.

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h/t Rex Wockner