Apr 052012
Kaum transgender berharap pemerintah tak melupakan masalah penyiksaan sampai pembunuhan terhadap waria yang sudah terjadi.

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Nothing but often forgotten, maybe it becomes relevant to the phrase transsexual (female-male) in the big cities, particularly Jakarta. Just because a difference of appearance and behaviour, they finally termarginalkan in the life of the community that are considered "normal".

Any injustice occurs when the lekong [actually normally just means a man]the mention of this, familiar, unable to access public services. For example, health care making ID CARD access, access to public places, difficult to access employment, and often got acts of violence. In fact, they are also part of Indonesia's citizens should not escape the attention of the Government.

"When there is a different person, the identity of the orientation of jendernya different, countries must understand that. Regardless of what the sex orientation, jendernya what, every citizen should be given the same rights and obligations, "said Yuli Rustinawati when found Kompas.com in his Office on the Road East In Tebet, South Jakarta, FOURTH Tuesday (4/4/2012).

Yuli is Chairman of the Current Organization of the Rainbow, an organization that often advocate for legal issues of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transjender). He reveals, in fact the general public is visible already know the existence of the transjender, or the most visible of the appearance, is the drag queen. It can be seen from many places in Jakarta that became the gathering point for the drag queen or LGBT.

However, they still only get a discriminatory behaviour in the community.

"For example there are transvestites, in gender identity right tuh, then different difficult to access health care services, it is difficult to access because the viewing of work not in accordance with the terkonstruksikan in the community. Access-access as it's difficult for us to get it because we are different, "she continued.

Yuli reveals that in fact the problem is the problem of class inequality and transvestites socio-economic. Though not considered the cause of the emergence of this, 80 percent of transvestites in lower middle class economy. Therefore, issues of transvestites is tantamount to economic welfare issues.

What is the word lekong [actually normally just means a man] about the 2005 Jakarta?
Some time later, the citizens of Jakarta's attention fixed on the Democratic Party in 2005, five annual, DKI Jakarta.

In accordance with that process rolling, 6 pairs of candidates, both from political parties as well as from independents, graced with the mass media offers a variety of programs for the capital. A glimmer of hope has emerged, from the hustle and bustle of congestion, slums, sumpeknya from paniknya because of the flood, including citizens from injustice of marginal citizens more await to be resolved.

Widodo, the current Secretary General of the Rainbow, adding, viewing the prospect of the six candidates could not be released from their previous track record, that specifically have a partiality towards those marginal in society because of the drag queen.

"Alex Noerdin, how can he lead the South Sumatra. Instead he is precisely his worst of perda LGBT, especially transvestites. In South Sumatra, perda discriminate and criminalization of transvestites, "he said.

"Launch as well, actually there is no well he did policy against LGBT friends, which terihat on transvestites. Only the Product Launch of Perda Tibum, very bad for poor people and it is also exposed to a transsexual, "she continued.

The couple carried on from MCC, Hidayat Nurwahid-Syed Rahbini, is also considered in conjunction with other candidates. Although often touting pluralism, there are no real policy appears in the community. Among the nominees of political parties, Jokowi one who is considered the most successful humanist approach with marginal citizens.

"How is a reflection Jokowi resolve existing problems on the road, either STREET VENDORS, beggars, transvestites on the road, it's more humanist. There is a solution, though not specifically touched the issue anyway, "he continued.

Meanwhile on the independent, Faisal Basri was considered does not offer a solution. When met in Memorial Day HAM December 9th, 2011 and then he delivered the LGBT issues. "But only a normative, even tend to not provide solutions. I consider that Faisal's democratic, with departures from activists, thus does not reflect that, "he said.

So that can be seen from the figure with a military background, Hendardji Soepandji, as well as her partner, Ahmad Riza Patria. In General, the candidate is deemed to be only put forward the question of program mainstream in Jakarta, such as flooding and traffic jams, but not paying attention to the little things, though important,.

Hope in 2005, Jakarta
Yuli said, in 2005, prior to this, pockets of transvestites in Jakarta was accosted by one of the team's success to support one of the candidates for Governor. "Actually don't just fit the campaign, but must admit these problems exist," his interest.

Although hesitant to see six pairs of candidates who carried, about 4,200 transvestites who in response the current shade of the Rainbow is still hoping to simply "revival" by those who fight in Jakarta in 2005. Laws in Indonesia was in fact recognized incorporates anti-discriminatory action. Only, its implementation has not been maximized.

"That there is no longer discrimination and violence through State apparatus, equality of rights, all of which can be fulfilled, the rights such as employment; dipinggirkan not only because of the different sexual identity or gender, "he said.

Jakarta is of course not only Betawi people, not just the property of street vendors, not the citizen's housing also, but also belongs to the people who termarginalkan socio-economic basis. Can the candidate be sixth object of hope for all citizens, without exception?

Fabian Januarius Kuwado