Apr 012013
Lal Thanhawla

Mizoram Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla has shocked the state and everyone who have known him for years here on Monday when he proudly announced that he had been gay all along.

The chief minister made the announcement at his official bungalow in the state capital during an April Fool’s party.

“He wore a gay flag at the secret gay party held for a select few in the wee hours of Monday. He was seen cheering and smiling for photographers with a group of his friends,” our sources said.

Lal Thanhawla, the source added is well known for his years long commitment to a goal of spreading idea of improved human rights in Mizoram.

”Freedom of sexual orientation is in the core of human rights! I am gay and I am Proud of it!” said Lal Thanhawla was quoted as saying by the source.

On being asked whether Home Minister R Lalzirliana was among those present in the party, the source said, “Lalzirliana was not there as he had gone to Lunglei for a similar function on the previous day.”

In a state where majority are evangelical Christians, the issue of gay is still a taboo and this sudden revelation by the chief minister who was even allegedly photographed with wife Lal Riliani offering a prayer to Durga has taken e

veryone by surprise.

This gay party was attended by about 30 people. “This is a second such party,” the source added.

The announcement is likely to have a big impact in the forthcoming state assembly election. However, the the main opposition party may not rake up the issue as MNF chief himself has been arrested in a mid-night raid for alleged corruption practices during his term as chief minister of the state.




I am gay and I am proud of it: Lal Thanhawla | Mizo News