Nov 122012
Denise Ho Coming Out

Hong Kong singer Denise Ho declared that she is gay, during a gay pride parade in Hong Kong on Saturday, reported Hong Kong media.

Ho is the first mainstream female singer in Hong Kong to have come out of the closet.

“I am a ‘comrade’ (A Chinese slang word for “gay”)!” said Ho, whose sexual orientation has long been the subject of speculation.

“For many years, when I faced questions from the media, I always felt that sexual orientation is a personal matter, that there is no need to label yourself.

“But in 2012, I find that there is still discrimination, prejudice and one-sided opinions in society, so I feel that silence is no longer an option,” explained Ho, who drew thunderous applause from the crowd with her address.

The 35-year-old singer went on to express that she had wanted to go public about her sexual orientation “many years ago”, but never found the right opportunity to do so until Saturday’s event, and said she hoped to use her status as a public figure to help push for equal rights for the gay community.

Ho revealed that her friends have all been very supportive of her decision to come out of the closet, pointing out that her close friend, Hong Kong singer Joey Yung, had told her she should do what she thought was right.

Denise Ho coming out