May 092013
Salvador Nasralla fuscakua

Presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla shall submit to testify this morning before the public prosecutor for human rights, after he was accused by members of the community lesbian gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) for alleged incitement to hatred, homophobia and discrimicacion.

The so-called "Lord of television" said on April 28 in its five sports program which professes the Catholic religion and said that if it comes to the Presidency of Honduras he would not approve marriages between persons of the same sex

For his part the Special Prosecutor for human rights, Rosa Simons, said this Thursday Nasralla must give his version on the statements that came out in the media.

"This day we have quoted to engineer Nasralla so explain us what is what really occurred, since even a liability decision has not been taken before their statements that came out last month," he explained.

Simons said that the Prosecutor's Office is located in an investigative phase, however it has been cited to the candidate of the anti-corruption party (PAC) in order that expose and rinse with maximum freedom did you manifesto before the news media

The penalty could be 3 to 5 years of imprisonment and more a fine should be determined action against her, said the Prosecutor.

Members of the gay community have not presented evidence that a complaint in writing and refer to the media in which Nasralla said discriminatory sentences against.

Areli Victoria, said community spokesman said that Nasralla statements contain language and attitudes that contribute to homophobia, in addition to discriminate because it differentiates them from society because of his sexual orientation"

Salvador Nasralla will appear before a public prosecutor - daily the Herald of Honduras

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