Nov 302012

Not everyone had the option of taking a decision, to avoid risking with a simple "no" or being cautious. Some 1,956 minors among newborns and teenagers babies already born carrying HIV, and many are no longer living.

The children who come to the world with this virus do not know another life. They grow between games and antiretrovirals, between the innocent dreams and mandatory medical check-ups. However, for them the first thing I asked is equality.

Ana María Pineda, Coordinator of programs of Casa Aurora in San Pedro Sula where serving children and adolescents with HIV, said that a child, even if you have the virus, can make a normal life.

"Within programs has served to children with HIV, and there are some who now are young people with more than 28 years, which are part of the society, who work, study and contribute much to the country.
The HIV should not be seen as a death sentence. Children with HIV must have all the opportunities,"he said.

There is more good news on HIV and is increasingly will prevent more successfully the spread of mother son.

According to the study of the Ministry of health on "Sentinel surveillance" for pregnant women who have HIV, the percentage of mothers transmitting the virus to their children has dropped from 0.5 to 0.3%.

"The previous study which had made was in 2006, but the result of our Sentinel surveillance revealed that there are now less mothers infecting their children," said Héctor Galindo, STI-HIV / AIDS Chief of the Secretariat of health.

Prevent pregnancy

From 1985 to date, Honduras has been 3,360 cases of HIV-AIDS in people under 20 years of age, and this figure 1,956 were among newly born and 15 years.

Juan Ramón Gradelhy, UNAIDS Programme Officer, said that efforts must be redoubled to keep farm women who have HIV treatment, as this greatly reduces the chances that your child is infected with virus.

"One of the big problems is that the country is estimated that there are between 200 and 220 thousand pregnant women, who should go to the services of health, but that amount are about 160 thousand really going."

Also in some of the services will not offer them prevention of mother to child transmission programme. At this time I could say that it is half of pregnant women who are HIV-positive and require treatment to prevent transmission of the virus, which would still benefit from the prevention programme".

Until April, the Ministry of health recorded 50,533 in antenatal care, 60 of them were HIV-positive.

Psychological help

Jeny Linares, part of the founding group of love and home life, where living 31 children with HIV who are given study, food, medicines and clothing, said making needed psychological help for children. The Foundation can not afford the services of a psychologist, we have managed in universities, with private psychologists, but we have failed to receive this help, children really need.

A question in common never missing after visiting the homes where children live with HIV and is "When will they return?", say the children, for whom a simple visit is a priceless treasure.

For information on how to help or make a donation to the different foundations you can call love and life to 2559-3776, for support to House Aurora 2552-3193 or 2509-9447 and to speak to House heart of mercy to 9982-7193.