May 222012
Tbilisi Georgia

The Georgian Christian Democrats want to follow the example of Russia and so-called "propaganda" for homosexuals in Georgia be punishable. The Georgian intelligence Civil Georgia reported this.

In St. Petersburg was adopted before a law that homosexuality, is known as "propaganda" for a determined sexual orientation of a person, in this case under penalty. The Orthodox Church in Russia had been behind the action of the authorities against this minority.

In Georgia, there is a similar situation. Late last week Orthodox Christians with violence were taken against a demonstration by homosexuals in Tbilisi. The Georgian Orthodox Church had several times made public their distaste for this tendency.

Last summer, several German tourists from their Georgian hosts had been beaten, tied up and thrown into a river. The men had exchanged caresses each other. The men could be saved only thanks to the rapid intervention of other inhabitants of the village.

The Christian Democrats now expressed that you would actually reject violence. At the same time the Christian Democrats called the demonstration for a direction in life not majority in the population as not "harmless." Destination of the movement of gay people is the moral legalization of homosexuality according to the Christian Democrats.

Giorgi Targamadze, Chairman of the Christian Democrats, said in an allusion to the Federal Republic of Germany, in several European countries, there are people who are gay and holding high-ranking political positions. Also, there is the right there also same-sex weddings. This was but no example of Georgia, so the opinion of Targamadze.

The Christian Democrats now want to leave the role of the Orthodox Church in the Constitution strengthen. Therefore, the marriage between man and woman should be placed under special protection of the Constitution so the opinion of the Christian Democrats.

Lasha gate India, a member of the national movement, responded to Targamadses proposal, it was regrettable that the Christian Democrats would see discord between members of the society would be. We have expected that the Christian Democrats were tolerant. Violent conflicts at the demonstration gate India described as "immoral" and "unacceptable for everyone, of the principle of building a democratic State" follow. It is also unacceptable that the Christian Democrats Mingle on the one hand as a representative of human rights, homophobic objectives on the other hand though.

The MP Nika Laliaschwili said in a replica that you do not support the violence. He described the demonstration against homosexuals as an attempts to spread the "indecent ideology" in Georgia.

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