Apr 202012
Francois Hollande

The first round is held In France Sunday for the election of a new president. The two candidates with the most votes go beyond two weeks later by going to the decisive end election.

French gays hope especially on a victory by the socialist François Hollande. A survey conducted among the readers of our French sister leaf Tetu shows that 45% of the gays would vote on him. Since there in January is plumbed, grows his following among the pink browser.

That French gays are from the left, it appears from the number 2 in the poll: Jean-Luc Mélenchon also climbs in the polls and would get 20% behind him. Sarkozy is still to No 10%, as well as the extreme right-wing Marine Le Pen of the Front National.

That Hollande is so beloved at the rose voter is no surprise. He has promised to open up the civil marriage if he is chosen and has included in its official electoral clip even images of a gay pride party. Sarkozy, on the other hand, are somewhat liberal views on gay rights adjusted to the right in recent weeks in an attempt to pull away at Le Pen voters.

National polls give Hollande likewise a little ahead of Sarkozy, but analysts who five years ago had it right, say that the incumbent president will eventually win with 50.3% of the vote.