Dec 232011

Two gays with Spanish nationality, residing in Paris for several decades and married by Spanish law started procedures for France, where gay marriage is not permitted, to recognize their union.

Manuel de Aguirre, Spanish engineer resident in France since 1969, and Antonio Damietta, administrative which has double Franco-Spanish nationality, were married last February at the Spanish Consulate in Cape Town, in South Africa.

The case. Returning to France, the couple tried to update your marital status to the French administration to gain access to the rights deriving from the link.

Therefore went to the Prefecture of Paris (delegation of the Government), which aired them verbally the refusal to recognize your new marital status, a decision that the couple will be brought to justice, said Aguirre.

It's another attempt to advance the cause of marriage in France, though four months for presidential elections.

"France recognizes all foreign marriage which is according to the law of the country where the spouses have married," recalled De Aguirre, who, however, stressed that the country's reserve the right of not recognition of the same where marriage suppose one "faces to public order".

In that sense, the Spanish, of 51 years, stressed that failure to recognize the link is "contrary to European law", since the French authorities would allow to Damieta, of 47 years and married according to Spanish law, marry in France with a woman, which would lead to "a situation of polygamy".

His lawyer, Caroline Mécary, told Efe that their demands "should be accepted if the Administration applies the rules of private international law".

The couple, who has written several candidates to the presidential to ask for their support, complains that the current situation "forces them to lie" about their marital status for official documents.