Nov 292012
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The escalation of homophobia unleashed as a result of the process of opening marriage to couples of the same sex sum and continues in France. The Deputy in the National Assembly by the Group of the conservative UMP Nicolas Dhuicq has come to assert that the problem of terrorists It is the same as the younger servants in families Homo.

Terrorist in power often has a bug: never had parental authority, he has never met the limits and the paternal framework, nor has had that ability to know what can be done and what not, what is good or bad", it declared Dhuicq, who then wondered if there isn't one"certain contradiction"between the purpose of the French Government's"redefine a framework” y “at the same time, support a bill that is going to cross out the word father of the civil code”. The Conservative MP rounded off his speech wishing for years to come"the confusion of genres, the denial of the difference of the sexes and psychosis”.

Reactions to homophobia that distills Dhuicq words has earned the indignation of GayLib, LGBT linked to the UMP group. “It is their right"oppose equality for gays and lesbians, saying,"but you must not cross the red line of homophobic insults”. "The French Homo families Association has also emphasized that the conservative politician"you forget to 2.8 million children living in single-parent families and that never has been shown that these families are a field for the development of future terrorist, as neither the 300,000 children living in households Homo"and denounced that Dhuicq escude in his profession as a psychiatrist for attacking such families.

"In the wake of protests, the UMP Deputy wanted to"clarify"his words and advocated attacking:"Some media have made a stupid, lacking in culture overview"in their statements."My thinking was not on the question of the issue but on the paternal role”.”My point of view is as follows: If we have a few young people which will be less chance of having references, automatically will have a certain number of them who will be inclined to find a structure on any site, whether it is a movement as one terrorist extremist", attempting to justify...

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