Apr 172012

"Nicolas also could have had two lesbian moms. And it would have been just as happy", says the NGO "SOS Homophobie" in a campaign that, a week from the first round of the French presidential, uses the main candidates to ask the country to recognize to the families Homo.

In a photographic montage, the face of the President and candidate It is attached to the body of a small child surrounded by two women, smiling, as if it were one of those300,000 children they have in Francia homosexual parents, and about claiming "their right to the same security as the rest".

Similar posters were developed with the face of the Socialist François Hollandethe ultra-right Marine Le Pen, the ecologist Eva Joly, Jean-Luc Mélenchon leftist and centrist François Bayrou.

"Whatever the outcome of the vote on the next April 22 and may 6, will continue fighting to raise awareness about the reality of the"inequalities and discrimination "currently affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people", indicates the NGO in its press release.

The NGO, which fight for 18 years for the rights of that group, recalls that sexual orientation is not a factor that condition the ability to breed, educate and provide a framework conducive to the development of a child.

And in their fight that he be allowed to "found a home and a family as one ordinary citizen," laments for example that Le Pen "to speak clearly against the possibility of same-sex couples raising a child", or that Sarkozy "refuses to grant them the same rights as heterosexual couples".